1. Quiet Zones
  2. Pavement Management Program
  3. 2017 Street Project
  4. Sherburne County Projects

The City Council has made a commitment to create a quiet zone in Elk River. With this direction, we are currently working with the Federal Rail Authority, BNSF and the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) to obtain approvals and installation of all required safety devises at all of the crossings. A number of these new safety devises must be installed by MnDOT and/or the BNSF in addition to the City of Elk River.  

In November, 2016 the rail crossings at 165th Avenue, Jarvis Street, and 171st/ NorthStar Station were authorized as a quiet zone.

For the remaining 7 crossings additional design considerations and supplemental safety measures are required due to highway proximity, cross street geometry, and pedestrian volume.  This includes; concrete lane dividers, delimited lane dividers, 4 quadrant gate arms, pedestrian mazes, and additional signage. 

All parties are working to obtain final authorization of quiet zones for ALL crossings in late 2017 - early 2018.